Saturday, September 22, 2012


As many of you know, I am the mother of two very energetic boys.  As I write this post, my boys are ages five and seven (or kindergarten  and 2nd grade).  What frustrates me the most about being a mother is the fact that my kids don’t come with an instruction manual.  I feel like I am constantly trying to figure out how to best to communicate to them, discipline them, even show them love.  Though they are both boys, their personalities couldn’t be more different.  What works with one, DOES NOT work with the other.  (I am sensing every mother reading this giving me a “amen sister!” to that last sentence, am I right?!)

I can’t tell you how many times I would kill for a trouble shooting guide. Please read my fantasy below...

For a kid throwing fit in Walmart, turn to page 216.  Complete steps 1-4 for complete compliance of child.”  Wouldn’t that be great?  It could even be broken down into sections for first, second and third-born children.  “If your child is the baby of the family, use bribery whenever possible.  If your child is a first born….why are you reading this guide?  This child always follows the rules…

I think you get my point.

My children are obviously not that old and since I haven’t even hit the teen years, I know my frustrations have yet to begin.  I have very little figured out as a mother, but one thing I have found is that though I am trying to teach my kids, my kids are teaching me as well.  (Sometimes I think THEY are the ones who have the troubleshooting guide….they know my buttons better than I do!)  A wise woman, named Tami Boesiger, once told me I could learn FROM my children.  Taking her words to heart, I realized that I have learned from my kids.  My oldest has taught me the importance of following the rules and how good behavior pays off.  My youngest has shown me that even the smallest step of progress is worth celebrating and dandelions can be the most amazing gift.

But then there are other lessons….

My children are blessed to attend a Christian school.  As a parent, I have visions of the perfect Christian behavior THEY will learn and all the biblical learning THEY will receive.  I believe there is no limit to all THEY will be gaining from their Christian education.  A few weeks ago, I had a weak moment and lost my temper with my seven year old.  After I gave him a tongue lashing, his words hit me like dynamite.  He looked at me and said, “Mom! Don’t you remember what Proverbs says? A harsh word stirs up anger!” Ouch.  (When did this Christian education start teaching ME?!) Way to teach mommy, kid.  And hats off you to God.  You gave this momma one lesson she won’t ever forget.

I may not ever get my trouble-shooting guide to raising children in book form.  But, I do believe Tami is right, I can learn FROM my children and in the process become a better parent FOR them.  The Lord does work in mysterious ways, doesn’t he?

I am the mother of two little boys
So much dirt and excessive amounts of noise
I never know quite what to do
Or how to survive situations motherhood puts me through
But I have been blessed
Despite my many failed tests
God gave me two boys to raise
And every day I give Him praise
Out of all the lessons I have learned
I know some things in life can’t be discerned
Each day must be taken one at a time
Relying on God, everything will be just fine 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So, I didn't die
Just went back to work
I can not tell a lie
Life is now quite biserk
I'm teaching once again
Kids grades 7th and 8th
The days are very hectic
But the life sure is great
I'm gonna start re-sharing
But not always in a rhyme
I've still "ditched the kitchen"
But a little different this time
I'm finding my small world
Filled with funny conversation
I hope you will enjoy
My style of preservation
We live with funny people
They're every where we go
But do we stop to appreciate
The humor they bestow?
I hope you'll keep on reading
And take time for a laugh
I've got some stories for you
But now it's time to take my bath!

Missed you blogger friends!