Friday, October 30, 2009

The REAL reason Halloween is scary.....

It's that scary time of year
The day we parents fear
For those concerned give ear
Yes, Halloween is here!

This day is deemed as scary
Because the bags our children carry
Are filled with treats un-dietary
And makes their actions quite contrary

So, be mindful of this day
As your kids go "treat" away
Remember, come what may...
You can't kill 'em just because their sugar high drives you nuts.....oops, Okay?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Who likes their birthdays? I'll tell you who -
Anyone under the age twenty-two
Up until then they're all pretty fun
Especially the birthday for year twenty-one!
Soon after that they make you feel old
Reminding you "aging" now has it's hold
First it is subtle but doesn't take long
Before you know it - your youth is far gone!
Oh, what I'd give to be young again
The wisdom from now - the body from then
Yet despite my complaints these days are a must
'Cause I'd rather get old than be ashes and dust!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Mommyland is a make-believe place
I created within my mind
When the days are rough I close my eyes
And visit from time to time
All the children obey their moms
And happily complete their chores
They hug and kiss (and never throw fits)
What mom could ask for more?
The laundry is done, no hamper is full
The clothes are all put away
The insides of closets are beautiful
Oh, how I want my house this way!!
Every meal is made to perfection
No mess is ever left behind
Whatever is made is always happily eaten
Kids never scowl or whine
This is the mythical place I visit
Any mother can surely see why
Next time you are stressed or pushed to the limit
Mommyland can more than satisfy
(Just brace yourself for when you get back
Because reality is where you live
And though it is nice to just take a break
Fun places rarely take captives!)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My head is stuffy - I can't think straight
My nose is running - this I HATE!
My throat is sore, I can't stop sneezing
The feelings I feel are not pleasing
I'm to the point where I hope I die
Still I know I'll pull through - and that makes me cry
But the crying only increases the mucous
So the drugs I took will now be useless
I sniff and snort and cough and sneeze
I beg the Lord with a VapoRub wheeze,
"Please make me well - unstuff my head!
Or just end it all and make me dead!"

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Memories - Class of 1995

Seidl's science class, Clausing's band
Fifteen years ago in St. John land
Little memories in my mind
Feels like someone pushed rewind
Happy days with little stress
A bad day was a mid-term test
Lots of teasing and making fun
True bliss when our Tigers won!
Crazy home movies made by the guys
We all laughed until we cried
School plays we all acted in
(Just don't look up, Trav's mooning again!)
Brand new tractor at the prom
Keegan's failed potato gun (turned bomb)
Dead coyote tied to a car
(Did Cody take that joke too far?)
Car accidents we all survived
Who knew some of us had nine lives?
And then the Tang - need I say more?
Why did the guys drive it for?
Change of ownership with that beast
I lost track with that orange piece
Let us not forget about World History
Everyone passing was no real mystery
Those were the days, gone to the past
Though we didn't know then, it would go by so fast
I'll take the memories - it was all pretty great
But what I'd really love is my high school weight!!!


In keeping with this wonderful H1N1's to the flu vaccine!

Do you know what people say?
Blown kisses get thrown away
When you kiss, you should be tasted
This way your kisses are not wasted
My kiss is waiting, don't make it belated
But before you kiss me....are you vaccinated?


Boys are so resilient
And never seem to rest
They give it all they've got all day
Trying to be the best
There may be a few seconds
When they experience fear
But its gone within an instant
And they seldom shed a tear
Oh, as a mom it scares me
To have two boys like this
But as a wife I love having
A man who's never scared out of his wits!