Friday, October 17, 2014

Dad's New Truck

So today our family is on a little trip to pick up Dad's new vacuum truck for his business.  The boys have the day off school so they get to go with us. All in all a fun time.  But getting this truck got me to thinking about how my 40 year old boy isn't much different than my 7 and 9 year old boys....

When you are a boy age nine or seven
What puts you in seventh heaven?
Playing in the dirt, or getting grass stains
Jumping in a puddle after it rains
Watching your Royals win a post-season game
Getting your rocket to shoot out some flames
Remote control cars or 4-wheeler riding
Breaking the rules, never abiding.

 How about a trip to get your dad’s new pump truck
Just getting to ride has got to be good luck
Checking it out and kicking the tires
Doing what dad does like mini-man-spy-ers

Now what if you’re a man age forty to date
Is there much difference between what you like or hate?
Big trucks and gadgets with torque and power
Are equivalent to making an erector set tower
No, not much difference between a man or a boy
As we all know, it’s just the price of their toys