Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Memories - Class of 1995

Seidl's science class, Clausing's band
Fifteen years ago in St. John land
Little memories in my mind
Feels like someone pushed rewind
Happy days with little stress
A bad day was a mid-term test
Lots of teasing and making fun
True bliss when our Tigers won!
Crazy home movies made by the guys
We all laughed until we cried
School plays we all acted in
(Just don't look up, Trav's mooning again!)
Brand new tractor at the prom
Keegan's failed potato gun (turned bomb)
Dead coyote tied to a car
(Did Cody take that joke too far?)
Car accidents we all survived
Who knew some of us had nine lives?
And then the Tang - need I say more?
Why did the guys drive it for?
Change of ownership with that beast
I lost track with that orange piece
Let us not forget about World History
Everyone passing was no real mystery
Those were the days, gone to the past
Though we didn't know then, it would go by so fast
I'll take the memories - it was all pretty great
But what I'd really love is my high school weight!!!

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