Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I can be ditzy, but I've got SOME brains
I'm nobody seeking fortune or fame
I've made people laugh with poems I write
And making friends smile is something I like
I'm at home now, but I used to teach school
The students I taught were all pretty cool
(They listened intently and did their homework
They NEVER once thought, "This teacher's a jerk!")
At home I'm a mom trying to stay calm
When things get hairy I turn to the Psalms
Surely the Lord has heard this mom's prayer
"Help me God! Before I pull out my hair!"
My boys are great, but at times I could kill
The oldest is stubborn; the youngest a pill
They are my life, I would not change a thing
Even with all the dirty laundry they bring
My husband's the best, without him I'd sink
I still love it when he gives me a wink!
This is my life though not real exciting
Now I have started a blog for my writing
Here I am, just a simple young mother
Figuring things out one way or another!

1 comment:

  1. Yay! Blogging is so addictive. I love filling in Aoife's blog. I need to do more of my own thoughts, but I love sharing what's going on with her with family. I look forward keeping an eye on your blog.