Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crappy Days

When you're feeling down
And start to form a frown
Try not to be so sad
Things aren't that very bad
Life could be much worse
You could be under a horrible curse
That makes your tongue stick out
Whenever people are about
Or your skin could develop blue spots
Whenever you eat tater tots!
Or maybe like a crazy fruit
You show up to (school/work) in your birthday suit!
But definitely worst, hands down
You could live in a world without chocolate around
So when life gets tough
Call a friend to cheer you up
They will always be there
To tell you how much they care
(They might even take the time
To write you a silly rhyme!)
Take this simple advice
And please don't even think twice
Keep a smile on your face
Give someone a firm embrace
You'll probably make their day
(Or else they'll think you're gay!)
Nevertheless, I'm sure you'll agree
As long as you stay as happy as can be
Everything will turn out just right
So go out and indulge in some chocolate tonight!

1 comment:

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