Thursday, March 25, 2010


Potty training is...
A job no mother desires
Potty training is...
A technique you cannot simply inspire
Potty training is...
A necessity despite the strain
Potty training is...
No fun, icky and a pain


Potty training is...
Teaching a truly independent act
Potty training is...
A "they're-getting-older" fact
Potty training is...
A grossly-liberating skill to teach
Potty training is...
The first step in preventing kids becoming a leech!


  1. Been missing you so much! Hope it is going well. Praying for this training opportunity. We moms learn as much as the kids do, as we try to be patient accident after accident after accident after accident. You know what, though? All of mine are poddy training. I promise. It WILL happen!!!!!

  2. I just happened upon your blog by accident and saw your poem and it reminded me of a poem I wrote when my kids were younger. I'll share it, if that's okay (it's "clean," or at least as clean as a poem dealing with potty issues can be)...

    On Poop...

    It is amazing to me the
    difference between what belongs to me
    and mine and not.

    As someone who works with children -
    children who sometimes poop -
    and as someone who is a daddy to children -
    children who sometimes poop -
    I can tell you with some authority that the
    yuck-factor of the feel and smell of
    warm brown poop needing to be cleaned
    from underwear and over there
    is directly related to the love you have for
    the child.
    I have cleaned and breathed the aroma of my
    children's aforementioned unmentionables
    with a certain amount of fun and laughter and
    slightly grossed out joy and
    it was, if not desired, at least okay.

    I have also cleaned and gagged upon the
    aroma of some other children's
    bottom line and it was never

    That tells me that the degree of the
    awfulness of the smell
    of the poop
    is in inverse proportion to the degree of
    love for the child,
    and it seems to me that my effectiveness with
    and impact upon
    the children I work with
    (as well as my own)
    depends largely on how well I can
    love them.

    That having been said, let me issue
    a disclaimer:

    Vomit is never okay.