Friday, May 7, 2010


I am a dork! I can't believe I forgot!
I didn't mention a gal I really like a LOT!
It is because of this woman I wrote my last post
Then I go and forget her as if she was a ghost
Please check out Lisa at Bombastic Bandicoot
I promise her posts will give you a hoot!
She is a remarkable photographer as you will soon see
A lovable woman, God made perfectly
Visit her blog and I promise you'll be touched
I doubt there's another blogger who ((hugs)) commenters as much!

Please do check out Lisa's blog today. She is one of the most precious women I have met in the blogger world. She reaches out to you as much as you reach out to her. And, if any of you have any interest in photography -- she's your gal! I swear that woman can make a bowl of peas interesting! I feel so badly that I forgot to mention her in my last post. I got so caught up making everything rhyme, I didn't give credit to the one who tagged me! Check her out -- truly you won't regret taking the time to pay her a visit!


  1. Awww...Jaime -- a poem for little ole me? LOL It was totally not necessary, but I'm totally diggin' it! This is gonna sound dumb, but I'm really overwhelmed. Thank you.

    (((hugs))) (hee hee)

  2. I DID visit the other day, Jaime. I forgot to tell you... :~D

    Happy Mother's Day, sweet friend.

  3. How funny! You're to much!

  4. Off to visit ight now. Who could not visit a blog called Bombastic Bandicoot?!!!!