Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer time is here!

Our family is outside
A lot this time of year
The kids play and get dirty
As Mommy's yard work's in full gear
My blog posts will be wanning
As Nature calls my name
I can't keep up the yard work
And stay in the blogging game
But I will still post my updates
Though their numbers will be few
The weeds are calling out to me
As I end this rhyme to you!


  1. Hiya Jaime...I was so glad to get a comment from you on my blog. I've missed you! This is funny, we met when it was our summer and it was your winter, now the tides have turned.

    Enjoy your days in the garden with your beautiful boys! Don't stay away too long!

  2. that sure warmed me up on as cold winter's day!

  3. Cute poem! Enjoy your yardwork and your boys... :~D

  4. I love your cute rhymes! You are so good! Unfortunately its winter over in Australia! But I love summer, so it reminded me of what I have to look forward to ( except the yardwork) xx

  5. Although I don't like summer in any way, I did enjoy your poem about summer. This time of year I mostly just try to survive until fall.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting about satellite tv. I agree with you. TV is much like the internet. The good stuff is really good and helpful and the rest is crap. We shouldn't have to wade thru junk to find the good stuff. Keep writing!! I enjoy your blog so much. :))

  6. Outside calls in summer! Blogging must wait. Have fun, post pics of what you grow.

  7. Cute poem. :) I've missed you friend! Hope all is well in your world. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for Old Man Winter!! :O)

    Have a blessed week!!