Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hello my dear blogger friends! Forgive my absence....Jaime got a day job so little time for silly writing. I love this time of year and found some of my old Christmas writings. Though I have posted these before, I hope they will still make you giggle! Merry Christmas friends!

My husband and I are evil
This we truly are
We've been lying to our son
Perhaps taking things too far
Our oldest believes in Santa
We've told him he exists
But it's not just the myth of Santa
Or the nice and naughty lists
No, we've taken things much further
Than just a simple, small, white lie
And have used it to our benefit
To get him to comply
Whenever the little man pouts
Or starts to misbehave
We tell him we're calling Santa
As we give our phone a wave
To this he vows perfection
And that he'll stop behaving bad
We've even faked a conversation
(I know our actions are quite sad...)
What we're doing to our son
Has made me question a simple truth
If kids claim their parents mean
Should we believe our complaining youth?
As for now, my spouse and I
Will probably keep on with the fibbing
Parenting has a learning curve
With plenty of ad-libbing.


  1. I have SO missed you! Hope all is well down where y'all live. Praying for you, sweet friend.

  2. Yay...your back! I've missed you too! Hope you and your family are well! xxx

  3. I have MISSED you. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Yay! She's back.

  4. Cute poem, but I expected no less from you my friend! :)

    So glad to see you back!! Don't stay gone so long next time, PLEASE!!! :)

  5. You're back! Hope the job is going well! cute poem. We lie to our children at every opportunity. I thought all parents did!