Monday, August 22, 2011

After School Snacks

After school my two boys
Age six and age four
Can't seem to eat enough
They always want more
A trip to the market
A dozen treats I do buy
And yet after two days
All my shelves become dry
I understand they are growing
And they need to be fed
But at this rate I'm nervous
And here's what I dread...
What happens when these "boys"
Turn into two "teens"
If you are a parent
Do you see what I mean?
The Lord will provide
In Him I will trust
But if I am a wise woman
Stock in Hy-Vee is a must.


  1. Hey it has been a while,but what a pleasant suprise to see your post. Yes, I have a 10 yo boy and he certainly has an appetite! ALl the best with that..hehe! xxx

  2. School is hard work! True confession time--What is Mommy eating?

  3. Coupon, coupon, coupon. I've decided to only buy snacks that I have a coupon for, or that I can get for less than a dollar unless they have true nutritional value. If you make them eat the "healthy" food first, and then they can have a packaged snack. This helps curb our grocery expenses.
    But, fun poem!

  4. Oh, I didn't make clear that the coupon has to lower the value to a dollar or less. Otherwise it's fruit, cheese, yogurt and veggies.

  5. Oh girl....Ramen Noodles, lots of them. :-) I can only imagine what they will inhale when they are big, playing sports, and chasing girls. YIKES!!!!! You are in trouble.

  6. JAIME!! I have a soon to be 19 year old. They are bottomless wonder how on earth they can eat as much as they do and complain they are still hungry! Buy things that are filling and healthy.