Friday, October 19, 2012

Being a teacher means....

After two days at a teacher conference with amazing people and amazing speakers, I couldn't resist a little poem about what teachers do!  Hope you enjoy!

Being a teacher means...
...your work is not done when the last hour bell rings get gifts from your students -- sometimes very interesting things
...your mind is inspired at strange times and places
(Who gets an idea from looking at ice freezer cases?!) get up early for duties and faculty meetings
...your subjects include topics like honesty and cheating wonder how the weather will effect your classroom
(Or if you're nuts 'cause you dread the coming of a full moon) are lavished with sneezes, coughs, and sanitizer goo
But also with hugs, high fives and "I love you's" work with talented people who let you come steal their stuff
And encourage you when you think you've finally had enough get to teach astronauts, writers and future leaders of the world
But they show up in your classroom as simply ordinary boys and girls

Being a teacher means every day is a surprise
And its a blessing from God to touch these kids lives!

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  1. Love this! My husband taught for 7 years in a Christian school in Wichita, and we always love finding out what his students have done with their lives.