Thursday, November 5, 2009

Losing Weight

What happens to our bodies
As we get up in the years?
Mine has stopped responding
This fact brings my heart to tears

No matter how I try
I rarely get results
Disgusted I give up
Adding injury to insult

I wish I could survive
On water and on air
Or that I loved to exercie
But I hate it to be fair

Oh, I love the bodies
Of Aniston and Kate Moss
How lovely would it be
To use your arm for dental floss?

Despite my constant failure
I'll get back on the diet wagon
Though I think the odds are better
of breathing fire like a dragon

We each have our thorns
Mine is losing weight
I'm headed for the treadmill
To run off this cake I ate!


  1. I hope others can feel my weightloss pain with a giggle!

  2. HA! Very clever... after cake, it's back to the treadmill we go...

    Actually I've been lifting boxes all day (doing a little re-organizing) so I feel like I got a pretty good work-out. Phew! It's nice to sit down at the computer.

    Have a blessed weekend. :~D