Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Shopping

I am done shopping for Christmas gifts this year
But please hear me out before you give me a sneer

All of my shopping was done here in my home
I didn't darken a store door or get out and roam

No, I did my shopping with efficiency and ease
Using search engines, websites and nice computer keys

You see last year was full of all sorts of disaster
With screaming kids and wiggly carts I couldn't move or master

I even had a fellow shopper swat at my hand
She grabbed a sweater I was holding as I stood trying to understand

What's up with the craziness Christmas shopping creates?
Are we so consumed with buying we make unloving mistakes?

Did Christ want us stressing and running around?
Or focusing on Him that His love may abound?

I decided this year would be different for us
I can still buy nice gifts with little to no fuss

My kids won't get antsy or frustrate my nerves
There'll be no angry shoppers whose hands I must swerve

Christmas will be calm and on His love we can fixate
Only problem now is keeping hands off cookies I bake!



    You should give your poems for Christmas presents. Write them for each family and frame them...your writing is a gift.

  2. I like this poem! And I love shopping online too. What a blessing, yes? :~D