Sunday, December 20, 2009


I sit here writing
With a scented candle burning
Flavored coffee in the maker
Cup of Joe - I'm now yearning
Pot roast in the oven
With aromas I want to eat
Laundry in the dryer
Fresh fragrance with drying heat
Throughout my house
Such warm and pleasant smells
Then there is my bathroom...
An odor I can't pin point or tell
I've cleaned and scrubbed
Washed and bleached
There isn't an inch
I haven't reached
Wiped down the walls
Sanitized the trash can
But this odor evades
All my tough cleaning plans
What is about smells
And the feelings they create?
Some good, warm, and fuzzy
Others gag as they permeate
And what makes us want
Other people to sniff
Something we found so horrid
We passed out with one whiff?!
I'll take the warm fuzzies
And good smelling stuff
'Cause with two stinky boys
I've had more than enough!

(As for my bathroom
I blame my pee-crazy boys
Their aim is so crazy
Stand back when they deploy!)


  1. Jamie - You are so right about little boys! I heard once in a fancy restaurant they etched a small, black fly inside the urinal, knowing that men (and boys) would want to aim at it, thus not hosing the rest of the bathroom with that icky, stinky stuff we moms wipe up too much. Wonder if that would work at home? I've even considered having hubby pull the toilet off the floor, just so I can really clean under it and TRY to get rid of the oddor. I was really thankful when my last child was another girl....just for this issue. :)

  2. Sleepy BIG boys don't have the best aim either. I'm just sayin. . .

  3. This isn't too encouraging gals! I'm thinking I'm going to take MommaMindy's advice and start carving things into the back of the toilet!

  4. Okay. It's official. I'm hooked. You are sheer comedic genius!