Monday, December 28, 2009


For those of you who know me
I am a bit of a neat freak
The sight of dirt and clutter
Often make me want to shriek

Every item has its place
And that's where it ought to go
Toys go here and papers there
As my family members know

I preface this so you can see
That when I caught my cat
You'll understand my total disgust
To his horrifying act

I was in the bathroom
When Butch, our cat, walked in
But instead of drinking from the stool
His actions pumped my adrenalin

He jumped up on the counter
And with an awkward, shaky pose
Peed into my sink
As I stood horrified and froze

I do not know what prompted
His act of urination
But what other covert things take place
To make me consider assassination?

For now I will forgive him
But will keep a watchful eye
And if I ever catch that cat again
This clean-freak will crucify!

(For my faithful blogging readers
This one thing I must now tell
I think I know my problem
Explained in my post I titled, "SMELLS"!)


  1. Oh. My. Heavens.

    Maybe he has a urinary tract infection? We had a cat that suddenly would walk up to us and pee. UTI was the culprit...

    Also, I've heard of toilet training a cat... But sink training? My 9 year old would say, "sick and wrong."

  2. This is so LOL funny! We have a cat too! :)