Friday, August 7, 2009

My Hero

He's my quirky kid, with the sandy blonde hair
Daunting his brand new Batman underwear
He likes to run, skip, jump, and play
When he's covered in dirt, it's been a good day
There's always a smile on his sweet little face
(And he's a sure thing when Mommy needs an embrace!)
I'm always amazed at his imaginative mind
And thoroughly amused at the creations I find
A little child's table becomes his big stage
With guitar in hand he soon does engage
In a little rock song for his younger brother
(Sometimes he even gets a little help from his mother)
Then he is off, with toy guns at his side
Protecting the family atop the yard slide
Running past bushes and to the driveway
Transformed to a superhero saving the day
Time for some milk and a quick cookie snack
Our hero's refreshed and ready to go back
Butch, the housecat is now ready for battle
They're off to defeat the neighboring cattle
I call for dinner as nighttime is falling
Though rubbing his eyes, he now begins stalling
He brushes his teeth - kisses Mommy goodnight
And though he's exhausted, the sleep he does fight
Slowly but surely he falls fast asleep
I check in his room without making a peep
Think back on the day as I watched him gallivant
Rememb'ring most of it spent without any pants!

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