Monday, August 3, 2009

This One's For the Moms!

This poem goes out to young mothers everywhere
We must bond together and reach out in care
There is such relief when I hear a mom say
"I know what you mean, I've felt the same way!"
It all started with my first pregnancy
Then carried out past the child's infancy
I couldn't remember one single thing
I swore that my brain was unraveling
I shared my great fear with my dear sister-in-law
She sweetly said "It's 'Pregnancy Stupids' that's all!"
How long with this last? Will I be dumb forever?
Will I lose all my wit and never be clever?
She said not to worry it surely would pass
(But she never did say how long it would last...)
My oldest is four and my youngest is two
Still I don't think my 'Prego Stupids' are through
Does this sound familiar? Can you relate?
No matter the woman - is this her fate?
At times I think back when I was fun, slim, and witty
(You know what I mean if your kid's itty bitty)
I REALLY miss my body and my once fertile brain
And yet there's nothing about which to complain
My life with kids is great - there's nothing I want to miss
And as far as my brains - they say that ignorance IS bliss!


  1. Those "pregnancy stupids"?...well, as far as your kids are concerned, they will last until those blessed children are well into their teenage years...and beyond. I'm just NOW starting to get smart again in my children's eyes. And they are 22 and almost 18!

  2. You're done with the pregnancy stupids. Now you're the sleep deprivation is killing off those brain cells.

  3. Ahh, it's such a relief to hear that things will only continue to be like this (or get worse) from seasoned mothers! I'll just throw hope out the window for now! :-) Thank you my friends!