Thursday, August 20, 2009


I am outnumbered in our humble home
With two little boys and one who is grown
You might also know the cat's even male
At times I feel stuck in testosterone jail!
Hot wheels and tinker toys litter our floor
They cause injured feet, but we keep adding more
Baseball is played in our living room space
And what's an afternoon without a hardwood floor race?
Even my big boy joins in with the fun
(He seems to forget it's our kids who are young)
I love 'em to bits but there's one thing I hate
The bathrrom's a place that can make me irrate!!
Why's it so hard to put the toilet seat down?
It's what you should do when girls are around
And while we are on the subject of peeing
Puddles on the floor are very displeasing!
Still I love being the mom of two little boys
Life's always exciting with tons to enjoy
A day can't go by when they don't make me laugh
(There's always a storm when they take a bath...)
I'm forever behind with the week's house hold chores
No matter the work done - there's constantly more
Yes I am outnumbered -- I'm THE only chick
But I know I am loved from the dandelions they pick!


  1. Very cute. I've stepped in too many puddles myself!

  2. My boys are still both in diapers, so I haven't experienced the joy of puddles yet . . . darn! :) I'm with you on the hardwood floor races-are yours getting scratched? Because my wood floors cannot take much more.
    God has blessed me with 2 girls, too, so I have got it all going on here!