Monday, August 17, 2009


Roll out of bed
Wash off the crusted drool
Fix kids a breakfast
Get the oldest off to school
Start a load of laundry
Clean-up breakfast plates
Play a game of peek-a-boo
Arrange a dinner date
Change the laundry
Fold some clothes
Put away where it goes
Back to school
Pick up the kid
Lunchtime now
Where's my tupperware lid?
Put the kids down for a nap
Make my grocery list
Do more laundry put away
Did I feed the fish?
Kids wake up
Outside to play
Toys all over
Beautiful day
Back inside
Made some grub
Kiss the hubby
Sneak a hug
Little bit of family time
Now kids take a bath
Read a book turn off the light
Finally peace at last
Litte ones now sound asleep
Get the chore list out
A day's work done in just an hour
Time left to think about
Tomorrow's schedule in my hand
Though I know not why
It's never followed anyway
No matter if I try!

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