Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

I have been blessed
These last few days
By the blogging community
In so many ways
First I get comments
Of praise and support
But this is not all
I have to report
I also get help
When I send out a request
My blogger friends voted
In a poetry contest
For this I am grateful
And feel fully loved
But my blog friends aren't done
The go beyond and above
I have now been given
The beautiful award
And this simple gift
Truly struck a chord
Hinting my words
Aren't filling voids in cyberspace
But touching the hearts
Of other people someplace
So thank you again
To those who read my rhyming writings
And can I be completely honest and say
"This is all SO VERY EXCITING!!"

I was blessed with the Beautiful Blogger award by Dana at Running Commentary this week. I have truly loved reading her blog about becoming a runner as well as her other blog Using 100 Words When 10 Will Suffice. You should all take the time to check her out! See my follow up post on who I have selected as Beautiful Blog winners along with fulfilling the obligations of this award!!


  1. Way to go Jaime!

    God bless you and have a great week, Ron

  2. Congrats Jaime! You deserve it! Have a blessed week.