Friday, February 26, 2010

The Mouths of My Babes...

My two little boys are killing me this week
By what they say when they speak
My five year old told me this of his snout
"I just use my finger to get the snot out!"
I told him if he acted this way
He must wash his hands three hundred times a day
To this he said in no certain terms
"I know, because of OTHER people's germs!"
Though I may sigh, I can't lose hope
His nose is clear and he uses soap!

My two year old is using more and more words
Though sometimes his sounds are quite absurd
He really wants us to understand
And our attention he does try to command
He's struggling with saying his "please" and "thank yous"
Never quite sure which one he should use
Now he says "please" for everything
And I find his logic quite amazing
If he uses "please" over and over
The "politeness rules" he's sure to cover

Listening to my kids always keeps me guessin'
Though there are times I AM taught the lesson
That out of the mouths of babes you'll find
Logic and wisdom that's one-of-a-kind!


  1. I love the things my kids say!

  2. If it's ok with you Jaime, I would like to adopt your 5 year old "get the snot out kid" and make him my 10th grandchild. My 4 year old grand daughter is a little booger and I think they would get along great.

    Have a great weekend sister Jaime,


  3. Kids are so funny. I volunteered a lot in my son's kindergarten class. Those kids could really crack me up! I'd have to leave the room so the teacher wouldn't get mad at me for laughing at the silliness of the kiddos. :)Enjoy this age - it goes by too quickly. And the two year old, awwwww....still a little baby. But don't tell him I said that! haha!

    Have a wonderful weekend friend!
    PS - Please tell me how you came up with your blog name. :)

  4. Love the humor! You can learn tons from kid-logic!! :)

  5. Oh, kids! I have been away all week and I sure miss mine!

  6. It'snot so bad...he's not eating it, right? :) Too cute. They do say some darned funny things.

  7. Boys will be boys eh!!!

    So precious though, they grow so fast! :-)

  8. I love what children say, and yes they do grow up too soon !