Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Super Hero

Most folks look at me and think
"Ah, he's just a little kid..."
But what they cannot see is that
I'm keeping something hid

SHHH! I'm a super hero
Not a single person knows
Underneath my jeans and shirt
Are super hero clothes

I cannot blow my cover
So when Mommy calls me in
I just try to act real natural
Without telling where I've been

My super hero power
Is something I keep a secret
But I'll tell you what it is
If you promise you will keep it

Can you believe I have night vision
And can see out in the dark?
So I can sneak out late at night
And fight the monsters in the park?

But just like Superman
I have my kryptonite
Inside my powers fail
So I sleep with my flashlight!

ATTENTION!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!! This is the poem I wrote for Project OpenBook. This is a community-written book. The proceeds are going to help release a girl in Nepal from slave labor and to help fund her education once free. This is where I NEED YOUR HELP!! I need people to vote for my poem! If you would follow this link to the MarbleSpark blog and vote for me! You might also check out the MarbleSpark website and see how you can either join or contribute to this wonderful cause. Thank you my blogger friends!


  1. Very cute poem! You know and understand the hearts of little boys!

  2. Loved this poem Jaime. I voted... I hope you win! A very worthy cause. :~D

  3. Love this poem. I will definately vote for you. xo

  4. wow what an awesome poem Jaime... I will definitely go on the site and vote for you.

  5. So fun! I went and did it. :)
    And thank you for your comments on the Olympic insightful.

  6. Thanks for all your recent comments on my blog.
    Your comments are always welcome.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    God bless you and your family,

    Mr. and Mrs. Geezer

    btw, I hope you win the contest you entered

  7. Off to chack Marble Spark right now! Delightful images in your poem. There was some night vision happening inside my home last night, mind you...

  8. Jaime..thanks for the comments today. And, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the reminder. You are absolutely right and I so desperately needed to hear that. How could I forget so easily exactly where my strength comes from?? No wonder I've been so discouraged lately!!

  9. I just tagged you in a post....passing on Beautiful Blog love!!



  10. Hi Jaime,

    I hope you have a great Sunday,

    God bless you, Ron