Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Do you have little ones living in your home?
Is the Chuck-E-Cheese pizza and party place well known?
Our oldest son loves to go there
Though, a once a year visit is all we will dare
I understand why kids think it is fun
But after two minutes - I'm already done
It's not the noise, the singing, or food
It's how our YOUNGEST acts - which trust me - ain't good
Of course he wants to get up, play and run around
But disaster always strikes the moment his feet hit the ground
Our last visit there, he went on his way
And began grabbing tickets kids had won as they played
On the skeet ball game, he crawled up the alley
Then off to the next thing - he's not one to dally
Up in a jungle gym he refused to come down
He remained uneffected by our threats and our frowns
Knocked over some pop, lost a shoe in a crawl space
(Are you starting to see why I dread visiting this place?)
But then, my oldest smiles and I start to feel the guilt
Because his dreams are being made in the house that Chuck-E built


  1. That's pretty good. I hate CEC (the place, not necessarily the Mouse)...it's the germs. But a really sweet couple from our church offered to take our kids there recently, and now it's apparently a tradition. I'm all for it! I don't have to go! :)

  2. I am so sad that I cannot expereince chuk-e-cheese over here in Australia. What a shame! xo

  3. Surely a place called Chuck-E-Cheese should be used to such shenanigans?? Let him build his dreams, Mum!

  4. We haven't been to Chuck-E-Cheese in 2 years and 2 months. No joke. We haven't been invited to a party there! We used to have to go all of the time. Must be age related. My kids are now 8&9. Anyway, someday you will not even darken the door of such a place. Do you have INcredible Pizza there? It's like CEC, only cheaper, which is always a bonus for me!

  5. Yeah . . . I don't like that place either . . . :)

  6. Very fun, very cute! We're past the the Chuck-e-Cheese stage... it will happen for you too. :~D

  7. Goofball, I wasn't irritated. My sister's comments were the ones who said their family wouldn't stick to it, plus I had emails from family...I'm very seldom irritated. It takes too much energy.

  8. We did the Chuck-e-Cheese thing last year for my youngest granddaughters 4th birthday. All my other grandchildren have out grown it.
    And grandpa Old Geezer said: AMEN!!!!

  9. When all six kids were together two years ago, including the SIL and first grandchild, we took the whole family there. It was a blast, but the bill was OUTRAGEOUS! The pizza isn't that good. It's more fun to go with big kids so you can pull that little tigers out of the ally, beat them at all the games, and then get a faux stone ring that breaks on the way out the door. Taking little ones there can be stressful, I had to keep counting them, looking for six white heads bobbing through the soggy-diaper crowd.

  10. There is a lot of truth in this poem. Having 5 kids, I can relate to most of it - except climbing up the alley of skeet ball :)

  11. Oh dear, I've had to "rescue" kids from the ball pit before. Yikes :)

  12. I completely relate. I avoid those places like the plague. Except during "off hours" like when I know all the other children are in school or still asleep. :-)