Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's the little things in life....

I have discovered something a bit new
And I am quite amazed at all it can do
I had seen it advertized on TV before
But after one day, I've come to adore
This product that is truly and utterly amazing
I still can't believe all the time I've been wasting
If you haven't tried it please go out and buy
Pledge Multi-Surface cleaner and give it a try
I promise it will cut your dusting time in half
And what could ever be better than that?
(Sure, gobs of money or a house in the Bahamas
Would be a nice treat for this stay-at-home mama
But since my life consists of home and Wal-mart
I'll be happy to enjoy products I throw in my cart)
I'm sure that by now you think me a quack
But I can honestly say, I'm okay with that
I'll be content with the little things in life
And bein' one stinkin'-fast-cleanin' stay-at-home wife!

I wonder if this could ever be an Olympic event???


  1. You are funny! How cute!

    For us Aussie stay at home wives,
    we won't find the same product in our aisles!

    But thanks for sharing your exciting news,
    hope you make it fast through the queues.


    Your site brings out the poet in me! Sorry!


  2. Since I don't dust, how do you cut zero in half? In Algebra, I teach my kids that divisibility by zero is undefined....:)

    Maybe I should teach the kids to dust....

  3. If cleaning ever becomes an Olympic sport and you need to get some training time in, wander over to my house!

  4. I hate cleaning. I especially hate dusting. As a matter of fact, the only dusting that gets done in this house is done by my children. That is their job. It's why I had kids: to dust and scoop dog poop!

  5. A cleaner would be nice...

    By the way, I suppose everyone tells you that you have a wonderful smile!

  6. If curling can be an olympic sport, cleaning should!

  7. Mrs. Geezer makes me do all the dusting around our house.
    I wonder if $3 a week can be considered slave labor?