Friday, April 2, 2010

Dialing 911

Junior struck again this last Saturday
Though this time he had not a thing to say
Just picked up the phone while with his Grandma
Pushed three little puttons to make a call
But then instead of hanging up
He left the phone on -- the silly duck
As the police walked to my mother-in-law's door
She wondered what in the world they were knocking for?
Opened the door - greeted them with a sweet smile
They asked, "By chance, did you give 9-1-1 a dial?"
Immediately her eyes turned back to her grandson
Taking in just what he had done
Gave a little chuckle and let out a sigh
Thanked the police and waved them goodbye
Realizing now she has another story to tell
About how her little Junior is as onery as ....heck.


  1. LOL -- great poem and great story. Was this your 2 year old?

  2. Hello Sister Jaime

    I love to hear stories like that. These turn out to be stories that are shared at family get togethers for years to come.

    I hope you and your family have a great Resurrection Sunday.

    God bless you, Ron

  3. Five out of six of my kids have called 911. Some, more than one time. Once, when a three year girl called, she hid in the closet. The police officer, a father, made me drag her into the living room to gently talk to her.

    An 11 year old son called during a fight with an older sister. He thought he was teasing her by dialing and hanging up - but he didn't hang up soon enough.

    It's an unfortunate rite of passage - welcome to the club! :0

  4. HaHa...that is really cute! xxx

  5. This is funny. The previous comment speaks of hanging up soon enough-I don't think there is a soon enough. My understanding is if you dial it, even if you hang up IMMEDIATELY, they get it. Why do I know this? Well, unfortunately I cannot blame my little one. Nope, it was all me. I was dialing a friend, and I have no idea why NJ has phone numbers that begin with a 9-1, and I can't remember now what I was supposed to dial after that, but I hit the 1 two times accidentally, realized what I had done right away, and hung up. Someone called back right then, and I told them everything was fine, but they can't just go on that. Pretty soon, there were the police officers to double check and make sure there wasn't someone pointing a gun at my head making me say it was all right. I guess it's good that they come, but I felt so bad wasting their time like that! Sigh.
    The poem is great!
    And about your previous post...I feel like you. I hesitate to say anything ever to anyone, because if you look at me you would not think I need to lose weight. clothes have stopped fitting. I also think it's a slippery slope, you might think "this size is fine" and then it slowly creeps to the next. I just want to get it in control before it gets to that point. Anyway, food is a major issue, and that is kind of new for me (the last couple of years). Ahhh! It is hard when something "feels" so necessary. Well, good for you for keeping on, and remember how far you have come!! Thanks for the comments today. :)

  6. oh no... :) yes, a story that will improve with age. :)

    p.s. *blush* I accidently set off the fire alarm at the school I was working at a couple years ago. :)

  7. What a great poem... and better yet, what a cute story! I don't think I know any kids who've dialed 911 like that. Thank goodness the police will respond, no matter what the circumstances. :~D