Thursday, April 22, 2010

The "Uh-huh" Syndrome

Those with small children
Do you suffer from this disease?
When your child is non-stop-talking
Do you “uh-huh” them just to please?
My oldest is a talker
Of this there is no doubt
He can ramble on forever
When there’s nothing to talk about
“Mom, did you know there’s a bird on our tree?”
“It’s black….no, it's blue….wait, it's red!”
My lips call out “uh-huh” to my boy
And I systematically nod my head
“Mom do you know what my favorite animal is?”
“It’s a bird…no a dog…can we get some fish?”
I reply back “uh-huh” once again
As I finish my grocery list
Off to the store he talks from the back seat
“That cloud looks like a car in the sky”
“When we’re at the store can we look at the toys?”
“There’s some Hot Wheels I’d like to buy”
Once again I reply “uh-huh” to his words
Unaware of my disease’s progression
Until at the Walmart in the pet food aisle
Do I learn a most dreadful lesson….

“Can we get my little fish now? I want to hold him while we shop.”
“I think I like the red ones the best. See them in the aquarium at the top?”
For some reason these statements jerk me awake
Why does my son assume there are fish we will take???

Then I think back --
I remember some of his words
Favorite animals listed….
The colors of birds…
Oh, no I didn’t!
I agreed to buy fish!
Did he also say Hot Wheels?
Tell me I didn’t do this!!
How do I fix the predicament I’m in?
Do I lie, or back out?
In defeat, I give in.

Don’t let this syndrome get you
Or you could end up like me
With a bowl of red fish too.


  1. LOL - great poem! You're a good mommy, though and stuck by your word!

  2. That's my son, Jon, exactly! He wears me out with his talking, then I feel like a horrible Mom for not hanging on every word. I do find that when I give him good time and good conversation each day, the "rambling" can subside.

    At 14, I am excited to say, he still rambles, but he is still talking to me. That's good news for a teenage boy!

    Enjoy the fish. :)

  3. HeHe..classic! Hey Jamie! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. How cool that you thought of me during your Italian week, it's funny how this blogging world connects people! xxx

  4. Oh I am guilty of this. Great stuff cutie! xo

  5. Oh this is so much fun with a great message and wake up call (for me!)

  6. Maybe that's why our economy is failing...cuz you're brining the "uh-huh" syndrome to our conscious remembrance and we're finally saying "no".

    I think I do this more to my wife than to my son! lol

  7. Very cute...mine is mmhhh. As the kids get older they become very adept at using this syndrome to their advantage. (My 14 year old daughter is a pro....I learnt quickly) Now I just say "I'll think about it" at random spots in conversation as they unravel their thoughts, hopes and dreams. This lets them know I am listening somewhat and If I get stuck then..... I'l think about it.

  8. That is funny...but you are a good mom for keeping your word. I find that mine remember everything I say, whether I said it or not! haha
    Thanks for your comment, too!

  9. This is a refreshing, spiritual blog.
    I’ve enjoyed looking over your blog. I came across it through another blog I follow. I am now a follower of yours as well. Feel free to look over my blog and perhaps become one as well.

  10. I love this poem! My oldest is a talker too and I uh-huh my way to many things.
    Awesome blog!

  11. My boys alway ask my Hubby for stuff when he's napping because he moans "mmmmhhhmmm" in his sleep and then they come to me and inform me that Daddy has agreed to get them a motorbike, or a new puppy, or raise their allowance from one dollar to a hundred dollars... :)