Friday, April 30, 2010

The Y Factor

I'm slowly learning about male DNA
And why my sons act a certain way
For instance with my two little boys
Every puddle around is seen as a toy
I think it is a Y chromosome trait
Their little brains process puddles as great!
Like just today in a parking lot
My boys thought they had hit the jackpot
Puddles here...and puddles there...
Puddles pudd'ling everywhere!
Though we parked right by the store
It took TWENTY minutes to reach the door
And then, as if taken by complete surprise
My oldest son yelled out this cry:
"Oh no! Mom, now my pants are wet!"

Another Y trait? Males are quick to forget.


  1. LOL - great poem! And you're a great mom if it took 20 minutes to get to the door. :O)

  2. Little kids are so easy to please. Puddles and cardboard boxes are cheap entertainment. Enjoy it while you can.

  3. So true!!!!!!

    You never have to ask "Y" about little boys behavior!

  4. Cute!! Girls like puddles too (not this grown up one, but my daughters. :) )
    I feel you on the twenty minutes. We live four houses from our church, and we do A LOT there. It takes me so long to get back and forth. When I pick my son up from school, I think that the people in the carpool line will get home before I do! haha

  5. Hey Jaime,

    I too learnt quick that my boy was an explorer and an adventurer. Have you ever read 'Wild at Heart'? This is one book where God opened my eyes up to the world of a boys heart and how they work, right from the minute they are born!


  6. I've tagged you for a blog thingy if you're interested. Stop by and check it out my friend!

  7. Oh boy! I hear you sister. Ha ha. xo

  8. Oh my!!! You could have written this about my two boys. I LOVE IT!!