Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Junior can count!

My two year old can count to ten
The way he learned may shock you when --
I tell you that what we do in our house
Is count to ten before punishment is doused
While we count, the kids must go to their room
There they wait for discipline's doom
I've been counting quite a bit these days
My oldest is struggling in his "behaving" ways
So little Junior did learn from his mother
How to count to ten because of an ill-behaved brother
Have any of you ever "taught" in this way?
An unintentional lesson through what you say?

I've got to admit, when his counting I heard...
It made me wonder, what's louder? Actions or words?


  1. Oh yes -- so much is picked up by the little ones, isn't it? Thankfully my oldest son has been a great example for my younger son and I'm sure as they get older, yours will too! Hang in there. Cute poem! :)

  2. That's too cute. When my son was little we counted to 3 to give him a chance to make the right choice--we knew it wasn't working when we'd say "one..." and he'd say (at like 3 years old)..."TWO THREE" as he continued to do the wrong thing! :D