Thursday, April 15, 2010


Do you ever feel like you just can't catch a break? Sometimes I feel like so much is being thrown at me, even if I were microscopically-sized - I'd still get hit. Though the stresses of the world may get me down, I am always to go to Him. However, there are days....and sometimes those days are in consecutive order, where I don't. I mope. I cry. I ignore God and I eat. OUCH!

Here's the thing. My grandpa recently had a soccer-ball sized tumor removed from his abdominal area. We have also learned it is malignant. He is slowly (but surely) recovering. Last weekend I drove down to where he was hospitalized from Friday evening until Monday afternoon. Have any of you ever watched a loved one suffer? Let me tell you, it is a hard thing to watch. I would sit and watch my Grandpa grimace and sometimes even let out audible groans. All I could do was hold his hand and pray.

While I was visiting, my best friend's son was also hospitalized. (Same town, different hospital). Her son has been in and out of hospitals since the day he was born. In the last six months he has had six different hospital stays. He is now there yet again. How hard it is for us as parents to watch our children suffer!!! For my friend, she has watched her child suffer for six years.

My heart has been aching for days. I wonder how God can use all this pain for his glory. I hate to see the people I love suffer. I question God (and even I get mad at Him from time to time too.) Why all this pain? My tiny brain can't understand God's perfect plan. Needless to say, I have been in a funk since Friday.

Today however, I had the opportunity to encourage my friend/relative. She has been a girl that has been there for me so many times throughout my life. Today however, she was discouraged about some past hurt. Despite my own recent pain and worry, God gave me the opportunity to lift her up and you know what, friends? In encouraging her, I was encouraged. It was amazing.

It reminded me of my new friend Margery. She has been a HUGE "encourager" for me in the past month or so with my weight loss. In fact, I told her today that I was going to consider her my "jewel of the day!" What a blessing it is to have people like Margery in your life!! (Thank you Margery for all you have done for my spirits!)

I write all this to get you to guys a thinkin'.....who have you encouraged today? What has God blessed you with that you could, in turn, pass on to another? Even in our hurting moments, how can we lift someone else up? Many of you reading my blog have told me you are also Weigh Down Dieters. When people see you and ask, "How have you lost all that weight?" What is your answer? Do you give God the glory and then encourage others that they can do the same? No matter our situation - God places people in our lives we are to encourage. Are we doing it? It could be your child, your husband, your friend, your fellow Weigh Down Dieter.....God has put us in specific situations that we might help and encourage others.

I didn't weigh again this week. Unfortunately, I know I went to food instead of God too many times to count this week. But as that old Bill Gather song goes, I am a "kid under construction" and "my paint is still wet." However, even being a "kid under construction" I must remember, "the Lord ain't through with me yet!" I will weigh next Wednesday and I promise to report back to you then.

This week, I feel that God has put my weight loss on display to give me the opportunity to 1) give Him the glory and 2) encourage others. I do not want to let Him down. Tomorrow is a new day. May He be with us all!

Philippians 1:6
He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus

Proverbs 12:25
An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up.

Romans 12: 6...8
We have different gifts according to the grace given us....if it is encouraging, let him encourage.

Hebrews 3:13
But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your Grandpa and your friend's son. I am praying!

    I have to say, it wasn't until I really began suffering in life that I really began to understand the Christian life. You will now begin to notice how many verses are about suffering. Every book in the Bible contains encouragements and examples of suffering.

    If we don't suffer with Him, we won't be glorified with Him. It is so needed for the Christian life for our growth and our perfection.

    As you so obviously learned and shared, it turns our hearts to Him.

    May He continue to speak TO you and THROUGH you as you are producing endurance with trials. (James 1)

    Love you!

  2. Ya da bomb, Jaime! Thanks for your help yesterday. Love you!

  3. I understand we must suffer to draw closer to God, but still I find myself questioning the severity of it all. Again, I know my mind is tiny, but the hurt I saw this last weekend made me wonder, "What am I supposed to learn here?" "What is my friend/grandpa supposed to learn in this situation?" I know God's plan is perfect, I just wish my glasses were clearer so I could see better. Thank you for reminding me of the James passage, Mindy. And Tam, I owe you so much -- yesterday was nothing!

  4. "Today however, she was discouraged about some past hurt. Despite my own recent pain and worry, God gave me the opportunity to lift her up and you know what, friends? In encouraging her, I was encouraged. It was amazing. "

    Kudos to you for recognizing her need, and being there to lift her up. God is faithful, and that's what good friends do: they remind their friends that He is faithful.

    Good job, sister!

  5. I like this! I, too, find when I focus on someone/something other than myself it is easier to get out of the funk. I'm glad for your encouraging friend, too...a good friend is such a blessing!!

  6. Thanks for the reminder to encourage. Sometimes we need to remember to be ones that can lift up with our words. xx

  7. Good friends are so special, Jamie. I am saddened to read of your grandad's pain - and that of your friend. I am so glad that they have you there for them.

  8. Hey Jaime. My name is Nicole and last week I started the Weighdown Breakthrough class. A few years back I did the basics by myself and although I learned a lot from it and let go of some really bad eating habits, I never kept at it and started letting my focus be of this world again instead of God. I am SO excited to be back to the truth and although it's only my first week in Breakthrough I already feel a big change. I also started to blog about it and was also looking for encouragement when I came across your blog. Thanks for doing this and I will be following you and hopefully we can support each other! Good luck and I will be praying for you! My blog is I know the name is funny. I had started it as something else and then completely changed it for Weighdown and to be God focused when I went back to the truth.