Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My oldest son starts kindergarten next year
He is so excited -- it is me who has fears
I worry about his first ride on the bus
Will the big kids be nice or be scary and cuss?
What about when he gets to school?
Will the other kids think my kid is cool?
Will he behave? And what about his teacher?
Will she see my son as sweet or a menacing creature?
Will he be good? A conscientious student?
Will he understand? Will he be prudent?

Oh this day! I dread in my mind!
But when I am rational (?) I (think) he'll be fine...

Just yesterday was kindergarten round up
His two concerns he openly 'fessed up
"Does the big school have bathrooms if I need to pee?"
"Will we play outside? What time will that be?"
These are the worries of my five-year-old son
I suppose they are logical for a wee little one
For him - the most important things to know
Are where to play and where to "go"
I'm sure my kid will do just fine
I am the one who will worry and whine
Lord, be with my son as he starts school next year
(And be with his mother, as she deals with her fears!)


  1. Haha - very cute. He'll do great! Kindergarten is SO much fun. I remember those days with such fondness. :O)

  2. This is a good one!! I love his concerns. So very practical! ;)
    The time does go by so fast...I need these reminders so that I will soak it all in.

  3. I was the same way when my eldest was going to start 'big school'. I sent him for 6 months and then we made the decison to homeschool! I'm probably the wrong person to ask....:) xo

  4. For him - the most important things to know
    Are where to play and where to "go"

    This cracked me up! Good one!

  5. I love the way little kids think. My wife often accuses me of acting like a child at times and I count that as a badge of honor.
    I think??