Monday, January 25, 2010

Bedtime Stories

It's the same routine every night
Bubble bath, brush teeth
Tuck 'em in tight
Read a book, say our prayers
Give 'em each a kiss
Same request every night
Gives my big boy such bliss
"Tell me a story about me as a baby"
"....a story about when I was born"
"Tell me a story about funny things I did"
As he sits back like a kid with his popcorn
He takes in my stories as if at the movies
Excited by what I might say
Though sometimes I tell the same stories again
It seems that he likes it that way
How I would love to freeze this moment in time
And never let him grow old
But its out of my hands - he's gonna grow up
And if I believe the things I've been told
That precious little boy will become a young man
And not think that my stories are fun
But I pray he'll remember our bedtime moments together
When it's his turn to tell his little one.


  1. Sweet, a very sweet poem. Love it!

    I hope you'll consider participating in my "I am From..." Poetry contest. If you have any interest, here's the info:


  2. Very beautiful heart warming post Jaime! Those moments really are such tresures! xxx

  3. It's always easy to be a good Mommy at bedtime...just like it's always easy for kids to be good when they are asleep! Ha!