Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Junior's Dilemma

I do not want to go to sleep
I do not want to count the sheep
I do not think bedtime is fun
I want to play and jump and run
I do not want to close my eyes
What if I miss a big surprise?
But, my bed does feel quite good
So, I wonder if I should
Close my eyes for just a sec…
Did you hear that?! I’d better check
It was not much – just the TV
If I’m awake, maybe I’d see
But, my eyes did feel good shut
And as my Mommy pats my butt
My eyes roll back into my head
And I enjoy my warm, soft bed
Maybe I want to go to sleep
But, I’m gonna skip the counting sheep


  1. It's always uplifting when I read your poems
    Maybe you don't feel so uplifted when you write some of them, but I love reading them, Ron

  2. I am glad you get a kick out of them...for the most part I'm usually trying to make people smile. Frustrating moments can be the funniest ones, you know!