Monday, January 25, 2010

Perfection is my Enemy

I want to be perfect
But it's out of my reach
My effort is hopeless
Energy is sucked like a leech
I want the perfect body
Hip clothes and hairstyle
Clean house, obedient kids
And white teeth when I smile
But my life is messy
And no matter how I try
I make BIG mistakes
That forever make me cry
I yell at my kids
And let my husband down
My past is littered with baggage
I can't seem to get around
I want to be perfect -
Perfect mother, friend, and wife
But the only one who sees me flawless
Is Jesus - God of life


  1. Love the message in this. I think EVERYONE can relate to this. Beautiful work!

  2. LOVE this one, Jaime! We can all relate! Love you.

  3. Except for all my many minor and major imperfections
    and my multitude of problems I think I'm purrfickkt.

  4. Awesome poem Jaime! Really great message!