Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Super hero

I’m a super hero
I don’t think anybody knows
I’ve got super hero hats
And super hero clothes
You might look at me and think
Ah, he’s just a little kid
But what nobody can see is that
I’m keeping something hid
Butch the cat’s my trusty side kick
And we often go to battle
We climb trees and sneak through grass
To defeat our neighbor’s cattle
My super hero power
Is supposed to be a secret
But I’ll tell you what it is
If you promise you will keep it
I can run so fast I fly
And no one can ever catch me
(Except for Butch who runs fast too
He has to, so he can save me)
But just like Superman
I have my own kind of kryptonite
Inside my house my powers fail
But since it’s home - I’ll be alright
Plus, I cannot blow my cover
So when Mommy calls me in
I come back very happy
Though in secret I do grin
Yes, I’m a super hero
But as everybody knows
We don’t get the credit we deserve
I guess, it’s just the way it goes!

I wrote this for a community-written children's poetry book. If you would like to join and are a poet, artist, or writer, you might check them out at Project Open Book.

1 comment:

  1. You've really gotten into the mind of a kid for this. I LOVE the line about "sneaking through grass to defeat the neighbor's cattle." I can just see a little boy doing ALL of this!! Super work on this super hero poem!!