Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Junior Strikes Again!

My Little Junior struck again today
Though not in his normal and destructive way
No melted toys or Houdini tricks
No broken wood blinds for me to fix
Today I was scratching my uncombed, groggy head
Wond’ring who was unmaking my little boy’s bed?
This has never been a problem before
I make all the beds as my mid-morning chore
And then all day long the beds are just fine
(It’s the rest of the house that gets out of line)
But then I saw Junior and his chubby little hands
Unmaking the bed as I began to understand
He wanted his new Thomas the Train sheets to show
Because under a comforter no one would know
That he has fun trains all over his sheets
He must be quite proud and wants others to peak
Which made me consider that maybe some day
When he is toilet trained we might stay away
From fun little undies with cartoons or trains
‘Cause just like those sheets he might not refrain
From pulling his pants down to possibly show off
The cool new underwear his Mommy just bought!


  1. Do you have an illustrator yet? You are AMAZING!

  2. I love writing poetry, too. This is cute.

    I just wanted to let you know our headlines today read, "Schools Sweat A Snow Threat". They go on to say that we might reach 1/2 inch!!! You can tell we're from the South.

  3. See, there's some logic in his madness.

  4. Oh, my! Wouldn't that be something? Nice work. :)

  5. What's wrong with showing everyone your underpants, I ask you?

  6. My 4 yr. old asks every night after a bath "do I have school tomorrow?" That helps him decide which skivies to pick. Apparently the kids all show them off to one another.

    "I've got Optimus Prime!"
    "Oh yeah? Well, I've got skulls on mine!"

    Excited to have you on the Project OpenBook team, Jaime...

  7. That's really cute... he wanted to Thomas the Train! We grown-ups are just too fussy!