Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My brain isn’t working
It’s screwed up inside
Had this problem before
It can’t be denied
It’s like there is fog
And it’s trapped in my head
I’m groggy, confused
But mostly brain-dead
It’s quite hard to function
When feeling like this
I go through the motions
But there’s so much I miss
Of course now that I think
And look back on my life
This problem began
As a mother and wife
Maybe my family is draining my brain
A sick twisted joke
Stealing the knowledge contained
You know, it wasn’t like
I was any Einstein
My thoughts were few
And few thoughts were mine
So whatever their reason
For draining my head
The joke is on them
I was already brain-dead


  1. Hilarious, but sadly true. My girlfriend calls it "toddler brain." Once you've had them, it's hard to not always think (and sometimes act) like them.