Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Mother's Voice

Though my mother may not believe it
Her voice is always in my head
From the time that I get up
Until I fall back into bed
“Did you finish with the laundry?”
“Why are there dishes in the sink?”
“I see rings in all your toilets”
“If I were here what would I think?”
All these questions keep me going
To make a productive mom and wife
I wonder if her voice will leave me
Or if I’ll hear it all my life
“Did you get your thank yous written?”
“Are you not grateful for what you got?”
“What kind of daughter did I raise?”
“Don’t you tell me that you forgot!”
Her voice can make me go quite crazy
But it keeps me straight in line
I hope she knows I’m always listening
And that I’m going to turn out fine
(Even though I’m in my thirties
Most would consider me completely grown
I know she worries I’ll screw up
And that it’s her fault, not my own)
It’s an annoying little feature
Every mom puts in her child
That tiny voice you can’t ignore
That some days drives you completely wild
But I take comfort in the fact
That I still hear her voice today
And that I’ll drive my OWN kids batty
When it’s MY voice they hear some day!

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