Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Problem with Snow

The problem with snow
though it may be pretty
it can cause problems in the country and city

The problem with snow
though you may want to play
temps can be too cold - so inside you must stay

The problem with snow
though it's fun when it's falling
you soon will be shoveling, blowing, or hauling

The problem with snow
when it all melts away
you want it right back the very next day!


  1. That was a great poem
    I don't know much about snow.
    It was 75 degrees today in Long Beach, California were The Old Geezer dwells.

  2. I'm covered in a foot of snow and more is falling as I type! I just wish it was warm enough I could take the kiddos outside to play in it, but our high today in winter-Nebraska-land was 3. Curse you and your short-sleeve weather, Old Geezer! Thanks for visiting again! Have a wonderful weekend!